Amidst the clamor of humans vying for the crown of the presidency this past year was the nations first candidarte without a mouth, Condimal. Condimal is the six penised, four balled, condom covered creature of love, who ran for the presidency this past November. From same-sex, safer sex education in highschool to condoms raining for the sky Condimal’s campaign promises to bring safer sex back into the spotlight amid rising HIV rates in queer youth.


Condimal for President brings us to Election Night, where Condimals press secretary, a drag maiden named Connie, expresses Condimals platform on accordion, by means of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”. As the election results come in and Condimal wins by a landslide, the American flag is replaced with an image of the triumphant condimal, striking a pose atop a glittering pink triangle. With heels, camp, and nationalistic satire, Condimal for President is a response to rising HIV rates in young people, with the desire to create a Pop Icon who can speak directly to youth asking for their vote toward a future without HIV.



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