Guerilla Science


"Guerilla Science creates events and installations for festivals, museums, galleries, and other cultural clients. We are committed to connecting people with science in new ways, and producing live experiences that entertain, inspire, challenge and amaze."

                             -Guerilla Science

Gregory has designed and fabricated installations for Guerilla Science events since 2016. Past collaborations include Cash Prizes for Everyone and the Oobleck Olympics at the National Math Festival and The Smithsonian Institution, Flavor Feast at Burningman, TED @ The National Academy of Sciences, and The Intergalactic Travel Bureau and Flavor Feast at Photoville 2019 underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

Flavor Feast @ Burning Man



"Guerilla Science was commissioned by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute to bring a lively set of interactive performances to the National Math Festival in Washington, D.C. We created two interactive exhibitions for the festival. A boisterous game show called “Cash Prizes for Everyone!” challenged participants with a variety of amusing competitions, and the Oobleck Olympics, a high-energy obstacle course, left participants breathless and laughing hysterically."

-Guerilla Science


"Rethink everything you thought you knew about taste at our Flavour Feast, a pop-up party for the senses!

This brightly-coloured roving booth serves up a menu of six interactive experiences that take participants on a topsy-turvy sensory journey. Gain a new understanding of the role of touch, hearing, smell and sight in the construction of taste. Are you a super taster? Does colour influence the way you perceive food? Can changes in sound impact the way you eat?"

-Guerilla Science

Gregory collaborated with Hamilton designs on the fabrication of this booth. Flavor Feast was presented at Burning man in 2017, and was redesigned to fit inside a shipping container for PHOTOVILLE 2019, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Flavor Feast premiered at Burning Man in 2017, and was remounted at Photoville 2019 in BROOKLYN and for TED at The National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C.




"Envision your dream vacation to outer space with the Intergalactic Travel Bureau. At this enchanting pop-up, we provide you with one-on-one consultations with experts in the fields of space astronomy and hospitality. Consider the incredible possibilities of space tourism in the fun and whimsical setting of a retro futuristic travel office."

-Guerilla Science


"Flavor Feast" and "The Intergalactic Travel Bureau"


Dumbo, Brooklyn


"Flavor Feast" 

TED @ National Academy of Sciences

Washington D.C.


"Flavor Feast"

Burning Man, Mysteryland, USA


"The Oobleck Olympics"

The National Math Festival

Washington D.C.



"Cash Prizes for Everyone"

"The Oobleck Olympics"​

The National Math Festival

The Smithsonian Institution

Washington D.C.