ROME, ITALY 2013-2014


Questo Murale e il risultato di un workshop aperto all'interno del festival, "Da Miele a Queer" (April 2013)

This Mural is the result of a workshop during the festival, "Da Miele a Queer" (April 2013).

This mural was painted over 4 days in a squatted residence of more than 25 families outside of Rome. The once abandoned school was occupied and transformed into housing. Workshop participants lived at the squat or were participants of the week long festival. A special children's workshop was held, and children from the squat painted their own horse scene in medallions beneath the horses. In 2014 the police evicted the squat, but a few days later families were able to move in again. Many thanks to the generous members of the squat who hosted me with incredible kindness. 

Materials: Interior house paint.

50' X 15'

Photos by Klein Platz

This mural was painted in collaboration with the Italian transgender rights organization, Libellula. It stars two transgender saints, reversing their martyrdom.


The text reads, "Saint John of Arc who extinguishes the flame" and "Saint Stebastiana who breaks the arrow". In the workshop participants painted their own image (in frames on the bottom half of mural), paired with words describing the path towards transgender liberation in Italy. 

Lotta : Struggle
Rabbia: Anger
Veleno: Poison
Vergogna: Shame
Ipocrisia: Hypocrisy
Nascondersi: Hide
Consapevolezza: Awareness
Visibilita: Visibility
Fratellanza: Brotherhood
Liberta: Freedom

Photo: Francesca Naldoni